[Edu-sig] Re: Teaching graphics with Python

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Mon Aug 2 10:38:08 CEST 2004

> > import cvisual
> Had to change the above to:
> import visual.cvisual as cvisual  # (just a path issue)

Thanks for that.  I was running my test from the visual directory, so didn't
catch this.
> The Download page is more explicit now about what the default install will
> do, e.g. overwrite any existing Numeric with version 23.0, plus mentions
> how
> to get back to where Python default boots to a shell, not to the editor
> (my
> preference, easily restored).

Less easily, in my case.  I had an existing config-main.cfg file in my
.indle-rc directory.  VPython chooses to overwrite the core config-main.def
file in the idlelib directory.

That the VPython distribution chooses to overwrite the config-main.def file,
rather than work within the framework designed within Idle - for projects
like VPython - for custom configuration  (config-main.cfg in .idlerc of the
users home directory) is = to me - bad attitude.

But nothing new, when it comes to Vpython distribution issues.

The solution to get back to the interactive shell on start-up suggested by
VPython is actually creating a user configuration file (config-main.cfg in
.idlerc) For reasons unknown, the change to restore the default was not
writing to my existing user configuration file.  I was dead-in-the-water if
I did not know enough about how Idle configuration files work to fix this

The other things that were "fixed" - like mentioning Numeric in the "VPython
includes" blurb of the main web page - I have to assume is not unrelated to
my rantings.  Perhaps some ranting will help Bruce to decide to play ball
with how the Idle customization is achieved.


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