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> Wondering where you're getting this info re atexit, for example, given
> there's no documentation.  From digging in the source code you say?

I didn't have to go as far as to dig into the C++ source, for this. I derive
it from the __init__.py module in the visual directory.

VPython itself can now reasonably be viewed as a wrapper around the cvisual
code.  Bruce Sherwood had, in essence, suggested this view himself at one
point, and I think I will try to adapt it. Since it is the cvisual core that
I admire, written by David Scherer, and revised by Jonathan Brandenmeyer
(with funding engineered by Bruce).

One advantage of wrapping cvisual myself for PyGeo will be to allow me to
distance it from what I perceive as the VPython attitude problems.  The
practical advantage is allowing people to avoid a VPython download, and
handle things - like IDLE customization - in a manner I find appropriate and
compliant. If it means I don't get things as I might most wish from start-up
for my users without some instruction to them as to configuration issues -
well that is quite often the case when trying to be appropriate and
compliant. And I generally see that understood, accepted, respected and
worked with.  

Though I feel almost certain others might find all this verbiage a result of
attitudes problem of my own - I obviously don't.


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