[Edu-sig] teaching Python

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Thu Dec 2 22:13:48 CET 2004

> While we're on the subject of very young students, I thought I should
> stick my head up and mention that I'm using Zelle's text as the basis for
> a class of 7th grade girls.

> Andrew Carle
> MS Technology
> The Hamlin School

Sounds like a fun class.

I'm having trouble keeping up with the 8th grader I'm mentoring.  We started
with the calendar cgi, then he got into Apache more heavily, including
mod_rewrite and mod_python.  

Another goal was to implement a blog for his teacher, so I recommended
Pybloxsom.  Before long, he was installing plugins, including a WYSIWYG
posting interface.

His latest foray was into xml.sax, using Python's sax parser to reorganize
his buddy list on gaim.  I was able to assist, but had to go to the docs
quite a bit.

On another front, I've been mentoring a much older guy (70s?) in New Zealand
(flies his own plane, takes gorgeous pictures of Middle Earth).  

His background is Pascal and his questions about Python are more basic and
easier for me to answer (nothing about mod_python or xml.sax).  

You can visit his site, and see some mention of me here:
(scroll down to Programming Languages for Geochemical Applications).

I notice he calls me 'Dr. Kirby Urner' which is only correct if you buy that
the Fuller School (which has an uphill battle getting any of its syllabus
accepted in universities) is authorized to hand out doctor of philosophy 
degrees.  This isn't a discussion I've had with Bernie -- he probably just
surmised the Dr. cuz I'm such a geek.


PS:  added a couple threads re my Geek Channel idea
http://worldgame.blogspot.com/2004/11/geek-channel.html (scroll down to
'Follow-up Threads' -- hit reload if they don't appear).

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