[Edu-sig] [ANN] RUR: a Python Learning Environment (alpha)

André Roberge andre.roberge at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 13 03:14:29 CET 2004

RUR: a Python Learning Environment is a successor of Karel the Robot,
PyRobot and Guido van Robot. Its purpose is to provide an environment
for beginners, including children, to learn python.

(Note that Guido van Robot still exists and has been upgraded recently.)

Source for the program (python files; requires wxPython 2.4)
can be found on SourceForge.net at
The current (first) release has been tested under
Windows and everything (except the "radio box") should work.

For those using a platform other than Windows,
I have been told that a much earlier version had problems
displaying the robot world properly. If you're interested in trying and
encounter problems, I suggest changing the window size,
or clicking in the middle panel (the robot's world).
Do not hesitate to give me some feedback.

To my knowledge, no one (other than myself!) has tested it yet.

The project's home page is located at:
It features a number of lessons, with an outline for future lessons. 
It should give you an idea of what this program is about, without having 
to try it.

Note: This is my very first Python program
(other than some very simple ones) and the first program
I share with anyone.  Comments, suggestions, criticisms are most welcome.

André Roberge

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