[Edu-sig] RE: Pygeo, platforms, wx and Tk

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Tue Dec 14 14:02:27 CET 2004

Kirby writes -
> > Remember that the gui intensive Leo found no reason to go beyond TK.
> >
> I haven't tried Leo on a Mac, but if it doesn't look like Aqua, I'd
> probably
> not be satisfied with it on a Mac (I might still use it in Windows or
> Linux).  Ditto for Pygeo.

I'm surprised.  

Hoping we might get through, in an educational context, that looks are only
looks.  And that functionality is functionality. And that real developers of
real world applications might focus on functionality, and short-change

I don't think this is a purest, academic lesson.  In my real world
development work, that is the tact I take, and the tact I am expected to
take. Because $ is $.

I think we have touched before on the problem that folks tend to get their
idea of what software is, from the world of shrink wrapped stuff. Which, as
I think we know, represents only a fraction of real world development work.

So better help to my Pygeo (and other educational related efforts) would be
to educate about the difference between books and covers. 



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