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Brian Taylor taylor at lfabc.org
Wed Feb 11 14:46:11 EST 2004

That did the trick! Thanks very much John.


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>I had to do some tweaking of this code to make it work a 
>little better with Python 2.3 and IDLE 1.0 on Windows, and the 
>result is this annoying behavior you mention with your 
>slightly older setup. When I have some time, I need to really 
>sort through the issues here rather than applying band-aids. 
>In any case, I think there is a simple fix for your situation. 
>Take a look in the graphics.py file and locate the GraphWin 
>class (it's the first one).  The close method looks like this:
>def close(self):
>    """Close the window"""
>    self.master.destroy()
>    self.quit()
>     _root.update()
>Simply comment out the second line, "self.quit()",  (i.e. put 
>a pound sign in front of it). I think this will fix your 
>problem. Please give it a try and let me know if it works; I 
>don't have a setup for testing your version here.
>Brian Taylor wrote:
>> Can anyone help me with this?
>> I'm planning to use the graphics module created by Zelle in a short 
>> programming unit in my IT class. I'm running Python 2.2.2 on Windows 
>> XP. Using IDLE, I have no problem creating 'graphics' windows and I 
>> can do lots of fun stuff in them. However, when I close any graphics 
>> window by clicking the close box everything terminates (IDLE and any 
>> other graphics windows that may have been open).
>> Thanks,
>> Brian
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