[Edu-sig] Python "3" and National Project to establish the Knowledge Sciences as an Academic Discipline

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Sat Jan 3 21:45:03 EST 2004

Art and the edu-sig

The focus of the effort of the BCNGroup (Behavioral Computational
Neuroscience Group) has been to make a delineation between formal models
(including connectionist models of cognitive processes) and the actual
science that is developed experimentally by an extended research community.
In John Miller's thesis he talks about the two paradigms, symbolic
processing and connectionism, and yet our group holds that connectionism is
one step (only) towards a stratified theory of physical processes that
accounts for the experimental literatures called quantum neurodynamics
(primary centered around the works of Karl Pribram, Stu Hameroff, and Roger
Penrose).  And yes there is some controversy here.

So, our primary educational objective is to teach about the limitations of
computer science, when one is attempting to use the computer as a means to
assist in community based knowledge management.  The position is that our
society will be better off when computer technology is easier to understand
and more generally accessable (and this is in the spirit of Python - as well
as other languages.)

The Orb technology is one possible inclusion in the Knowledge Technology

We are, however, looking for assistance in developing multiple user domain
(MUD) environments that support both peer-to-peer communication and the
machine representation of indicators of subject matter (such as we find from
the Orbs (Ontology Referential Base) models of linguistic variation.)

It is our expectation that a discussion can develop in which if there is a
question then we will have an opportunity to answer the question, in a
scholarly fashion, and a discussion in which our group, BCNGroup, of primary
scientists can listen to the comments of this edu-sig group.

I do not intersperse text because I find it easier to have a discussion by
just speaking to the issues, at least some of them.  And I have in the past
not wished to have discussions in forums where interspersing is used a lot,
but I am very interested in having a discussion with your community.  So I
will go with the social practice, what ever it is.  I understand that this
is often a touchy issue.

portal is my email address that I am using now..

When one has been a mathematician, computer scientist and scientist for a
few decades one's knowledge of the computer is likely sufficient.

Python does not have to be in the middle of the proposal for a National
Project, this is why we ask for this discussion - to make a determination.
And no, I still do not know who Tim Peters is, but would be able to talk
with him on the phone  (703-981-2676) or anyone else who wishes to talk on
the phone with me.

Paul S. Prueitt

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