[Edu-sig] Python and Tk on MacOSX

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Jan 24 11:01:36 EST 2004

There are instructions for building a binary distribution outlined in /Python-2.3.3/Mac/OSX/README and detailed in /Python-2.3.3/Mac/OSX/Dist/README.txt. I haven't tried it but they make it sound easy :-)

The MacPython-SIG might be a better place to get help with this, that is where the MacPython pros hang out...I'm happy to help but I'm not an expert.

I'm kind of surprised that there isn't a distribution available with Tk support. I think you are right that building from source is more than most Mac users would consider. Though maybe not such a stretch for a developer.


> By the way, can anyone tell me how to make a binary package of this once 
> I have it setup. It would be nice if I could just provide a Mac package 
> that does the install. My hunch is that most Mac users are not 
> accustomed to building from source.
> --John

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