[Edu-sig] Addendum: re Satacad course & OSCON presentation

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Fri Jul 16 15:42:12 CEST 2004

> i.e. to engage with the principle currency of the realm, was important for

Note:  some of the resources we used included that youth-made mpeg about
Python out of Yorktown High, by Jeff's students.  I think that impressed 'em
in part because Eric Raymond had already appeared as an authority in another
documentary we pilot tested, so his coming out so positively about Python
carried cred.  And the human interest subplot was just dorky enough to keep
their attention.  

I also pointed them to 'How to Think Like a Computer Scientist' and to the
edu-sig page in general, as a good place to follow up (one of the students
had ordered 'Learning Python' from Amazon, which I of course likewise

I'm cycling from Seattle to Portland over the next two days (through the
weekend) and so there'll be a lag before I post any more to this list (not
that we've not just had quite long silence).  

I'd like to discuss my upcoming OSCON presentation as well, if anyone is in
the mood.  I could likely improve my presentation as a result of such

The PowerPoint I'll be using is at http://www.4dsolutions.net/oscon2004
(both ppt and pdf available).  I cover a few topics we talked about here,
including our work with NKS cellular automata via Tk, using Dr. Zelle's


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