[Edu-sig] Retrospective: Our Open Source class including Python

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Fri Jul 16 16:22:10 CEST 2004

>And we selected Python for this
> job (I was sold on this idea from the beginning, and Jerritt had no
> problem
> with it, although he is a fan of Squeak and Alan Kay's level of commitment
> (not implying I'm not an admirer of Squeak -- I am, especially of what it
> does in the hands of skilled Squeakers).

Particularly in the context of "Adventures in Open Source", I think you made
the appropriate choice.

At the moment, I believe the Squeak license precludes it from meeting
criteria of distributions such as Debian. 

But let's consider that a technicality.

In spirit, Squeak - to me - is outside the mainstream of Open Source.  It
seems to have evolved as a world until itself.

Python, as glue, draws its strength from its ability to help folks leverage
other open source efforts.  Cooperative and inter-operative technology is -
to me - at the essence of the Open Source concept.  Python had evolved into
an important factor, and Guido, in the  award handed to him, I think, by
Raymond, was appropriately sited for his contribution to it.

Squeak is way off to the side, IMO, in the context of Open Source and its


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