[Edu-sig] OSCON anyone?

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Tue Jul 27 07:39:36 CEST 2004

I'd like to know if anyone else subscribed to this list is attending OSCON
in Portland these days, or has plans to show up shortly (it's just tutorial
sessions these first couple of days -- I'm going through a 2-parter on
wxPython tomorrow (Robin Dunn), caught the last half of one on Plone this AM
(Joel Burton), did Subversion this afternoon (a CVS replacement...)).

I visited the bookstore in the basement, bought Andy McKay's new book on
Plone (which I hope he'll sign for me when he shows up later) -- but John
Zelle's book wasn't in inventory (I specifically asked about it, as well as
searching the stacks).  I plan to plug it in my talk on Thursday, but I
guess would-be buyers will need to find it on Amazon.

Of course Guido will be here.  I hope we have a chance to talk at least

I'd have more chance to meet with Python folks were I attending VanPy, a
Python conference in Vancouver, BC (Canada) immediately following OSCON.
Unfortunately, I committed to doing a talk on Python for high school
computer teachers during that time (on Aug 2) -- and then the talk was
canceled, because all but one of the teachers signed up for 100% Java
workshops (they'd never heard of Python, after all).  They still haven't
updated the website to reflect this cancellation:
http://www.sao.org/programs/superquest.asp (search on Python).

The Vancouver thing was already full by then, and I'd made no real plans, so
I think I'll need to let that one get away.

Ooo, I see Python 2.4 alpha is out.


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