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Tue Jun 1 14:18:55 EDT 2004

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> I looked over the code I thought I had re-done, and it was not
> what I remembered working on.  Here is a working version that
> doesn't build up a massive string, but rather writes to a destination.
> If you need a destination, make a CStringIO and use it.  It would
> be fun to try and mix this with the PyGeo code.

I gave it a whirl with PyGeo.  

About the furthest I've ever gotten into string processing (not fun to me)
was my effort to follow and extend Ruth's povexport.py code.  So that I am
not sure I follow what you are accomplishing versus the "stock" code.  

I did end up writing to a file your version and my modified version of
Ruth's, and notice that while they are in substance the same, yours is more
coherently formatted.  Which is significant if one wants, as I sometimes do,
to do some hand editing to an export file.

I can't swear that the formatting issues I see in my version are Ruth's
issue, or something I cause by my futzing with it.

Could you explain better the "use case" difference between your version and

2 BTWs:

1. I seemed to have needed to change AttributeError to KeyError on line 344.

2. The functionality I would like to see is PovRay automatically called to
render the exported code - rather than requiring a separate look for the
file and call to PovRay.  At a practical level, this would provide for a
more coherent workflow - looking at what you got and redoing it until you
have it as you want to see it.  But I don't have the confidence that I could
accomplish this sensibly in a crossplatform way, that would fail gracefully,
not require config files (where is the pvengine executable?), etc.  Any


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