[Edu-sig] How to evaluate programming skills, are there any inte rnational benchmarks?

Jeff Sandys sandysj at juno.com
Wed Jun 16 11:25:49 EDT 2004

> ...
> The reason I am telling you all this is to set some kind of 
> background to what I want to ask you about. I am about to engage 
> myself in research as a PhD-student, focusing on how programming 
> and algorithmic thinking can be taught to high school students. 
> I have been very fascinated by Python, and have decided to use 
> that as the first thing to try out in order to get some results 
> on how high school students should (or shouldn't :) be taught.
> ...

As a PhD candidate you must have some theories on how high school 
students should or shouldn't be taught.  Would you care to share?

What experiments do you plan to do to test you hypothesis?

Jeff Sandys

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