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Fri Jun 25 08:44:08 EDT 2004

Joel -

I've been blabbing on edu-sig since early in its existence.  And have
blabbed enthusiastically here much about Vpython, since quite early in its

Its original name was to be Visual Python. And I think it does in fact
succeed in extending Python quite seamlessly into the visual realm.
Especially the Python those of us here see as having potent educational

And none of this is abstract to me. Though the beginning of PyGeo pre-dates
Vpython (I started with pyopengl), the availability of Vpython allowed me to
get places with it that I would not have otherwise gotten.  And though PyGeo
is geared toward math/geometry - as I have blabbed repeatedly - I don't see
those subjects distanced from Art to any great extent.  Close neighbors.

There is nothing particularly profound about my perception - beyond the fact
that it ignores prevailing cultural perceptions of the moment.

I would be interested in your reaction and thoughts on how our interests
might be brought closer together.


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> A publisher named No Starch Press . . .
> http://www.nostarch.com
> . . . has a call out for book proposals. No Starch
> generally focuses on computer stuff--much of their
> output is similar to O'Reilly, with whom they work in
> some ways--but No Starch is not afraid to push the
> boundaries of what constitutes a "technology book"
> once in a while. Two examples: _Internet For Cats_ and
> _The Spam Letters_.
> I'm thinking about hitting No Starch with a book idea
> aimed at spreading VPython to not-so-technical art
> educators and similar folk. The project might work
> better if I co-author the work with someone who can
> fill in some gaps and supply more angles.
> Before I say more about what I'm thinking of, I want
> input from edu-sig members.
> Joel
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