[Edu-sig] Re: Whither PyGeo?

John Miller jmillr at umich.edu
Mon Nov 1 21:42:35 CET 2004

I've never had the opportunity to play with PyGeo, partly because there 
wasn't a particular need to, and partly because I was waiting for it to 
arrive at a newer release state. However, there is a *possibility* (not 
yet even a probability) that I'll be able to begin teaching beginning 
Python programming to middle schoolers either in Feb. or Sept. 2005. 
So, I'm casting about for materials to use, and PyGeo would definitely 
be on my list if Arthur were able to whip it into shape for release. 
So, this message is meant primarily as one of encouragement to make a 
newer version available that incorporates all of its improvements. But 
also I'm wondering if there are any underlying issues with PyGeo, as 
it's evolved, that would benefit from a discussion here? (I guess I'm 
primarily wondering about its suitability for younger beginning 
programmers, its API, etc.)

John Miller

On Oct 30, 2004, at 6:00 AM, Arthur <ajsiegel at optonline.net> wrote:

> Just thought I'd throw out a Python success/failure story.
> The failure part:
> Have not gotten it together to issue a new release of PyGeo for almost 
> 2
> years.  Not that I haven't been tinkering with it constantly, and 
> working on
> some other essentials like decent docs, etc. And not that I still don't
> think it's cool (and gotten significantly cooler). But it ain't there 
> yet.
> The success part:
> The main reason I have not had to time to polish off a release of 
> PyGeo is
> not surprising - I gotta make a buck, and that has to take priority, 
> and
> that takes time.  The surprising part, to me, is how I'm making a buck 
> these
> days - largely as a developer. Which is a pretty full circle mid-life 
> career
> change that I seem to have pulled off. I'll never be a developer in the
> sense that many in the Python community are.  But I've pulled off some
> decent stuff where the problem domain was financial. I seem to able to
> compensate for modest development skills with strong background in 
> business
> financial issues, and have as a result developed a word-of-mouth 
> freelance
> development practice successful enough to keep me away from much time 
> at
> PyGeo, but with a family fed.
> And while I do not develop in Python professionally - most of the 
> skills
> I've developed, I've developed in Python. And any code I'm writing, I'm
> thinking in Python, and translating as necessary.
> Thought I owed Python at least that little testimonial.
> Art

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