[Edu-sig] The Geek Channel

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Sun Nov 21 05:35:08 CET 2004

> Whether the student is over privileged, or under, the lesson plan should
> probably be the same - and a theme running through it should be about
> doing more with less.

I don't think there's one specific lesson plan or blueprint.

> Where is the money to be made in promoting this lesson plan? Do we expect
> a profit-driven enterprise to be conceptualizing along these lines?

Imagine a new Geek Channel on cable or via satellite, where kids can tune in
to see vid clips of their heroes in the open source community, talking
kernel design, futurism, hardware.  Slashdot for television.  OSCON 24/7
(repetitive, like Sesame Street -- segments for different ages, different
shows).  Twist in elements from scifi.  Get some authors on, like Vonnegut.
Radical OK.  Clowning around OK.  Both Python *and* Monty Python.  Plenty to
bliss out on, and for both boyz & girlz.  Synchronized websites.  Blogs.

Damian's lecture on thermodynamics, the game of life, and programming using
a Klingon version of perl -- there's an audience for this kind of thing.

Should we call it the O'Reilly Network?

I'd watch, if it were done at all well.  I'd even help produce it.  I'd
watch Jim Hugunin talking about IronPython, or Tim Peters talking about
anything, over political punditry, any day of the week.  And I bet I'm
typical of a big enough demographic to make this channel more than a little
attractive to advertisers.


PS:  and remember, you heard it here first.

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