Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Mon Nov 22 19:35:17 CET 2004

Robert Ferney:
> There are two basic reasons for understanding which principles are
> prerequisite to other principles..
> The first is to be able to map ways to get there from where you are at.
> The second is to know what principles to review when you have trouble.

Yes, Robert.  My previous post wasn't to disagree on the principle of
prerequisites.  Even given a map of some terrain, we're not saying you may
choose to teleport to Lost Lake.  There's a definite topology here, and some
things invariably come before others (often the key variable is "how

That being said, there's *still* not just one way to do it (another analogy:
IP packets going from remote server to client).  

Learn some Perl before Python, some Python before Perl, or start with Ruby
and skip Perl, then Python, or then Jython, then Java, or do some C# before
Java, or forget Java... anyway, you get my point.


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