[Edu-sig] Problem with GvR fixed

André Roberge andre.roberge at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 25 18:47:08 CET 2004

For those interested, I want to report that the problem that Gregor 
Lingl encountered while trying to download version 1.1 of GvR (on 
sourceforge) has been fixed (by someone other than me).

Shameless plug: GvR is, imho, a great way to introduce programming 
concepts to children (ages 10+).  It's origin can be traced to a program 
called Karel the Robot which has been adapted by some universities to 
teach C++ or Java.  A new version of GvR is in the works that will allow 
a smooth transition from the limited number of instructions in the 
original version to giving full access to all of Python structures.

André Roberge

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