[Edu-sig] "Croquet Project" and Python ?

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Oct 24 00:25:45 CEST 2004

>Kids always ask "Why this ?" "Why that ?" they are all  scintists in their
>natural state.
>They loose quickly their interest when they realise that adults often give
>stupid and non-scientific answers or lie most most of the time (because of
>their ignorance).
>It's really a huge waste because for the first time kids are more
>"intelligent" than adults (at least concerning technology).

The kinds of legitimate scientific questions that are fundamental to kids
are things like:

"Where did I come from".  
"Where did grandpa go when he died?"

And yes they hopefully learn the right answer early - that adults do not
have scientific answers for basic scientific questions.

With that, they are welcomed to the boat.

And we can song and dance around it, all we want. Hopefully, with our
children in hand.

I loved the idea of the magnetic toys you point out.  I loved magnetism as a
child. And then as an adult tried (a little) to get its scientific
explanation.  Maybe I'll find a more satisfactory scientific explanation for
it than I have thus far, on the other side.

Unfortunately I also loved the consistency of mercury.  And would constantly
be breaking thermometers to get at it.  We now know I probably shouldn't
have been.  But maybe it explains something.


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