[Edu-sig] Computer Languages via Immersion Experiences

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Sun Oct 24 16:12:14 CEST 2004

> I feel Kay has breached that implicit code.
> The end.
> Art

I haven't followed your thinking long enough or closely enough to understand
how you came to this conclusion.  So I can't offer any judgment re what I
think of your train of reasoning.

I look at Squeak (have it on my computer, play with it sometimes), and I
have no problem with it.  It seems to have a lot of promise, to be a rich
environment within which enterprising educators could develop good

Squeak is one of those systems that needs to be projected on a big screen,
with a very knowledgeable instructor, laser point in hand, able to walk us
through a lot of material in a few hours.  I feel the need for a very
comprehensive, high bandwidth briefing, before I dive in myself.  Trying to
suck the info through the narrow straw of web docs and little tutorials just
doesn't give me enough overview or depth within the time that I'm able to
give to such study.

And I'm quite aware that many feel the same about Python.  Slick projected
introductory presentations that go well beyond PowerPoint would be good to
have.  An intensive immersion experience.  Christians call it "baptism,"
thinking of water -- but it may be "by fire" as well (e.g. via projectors
with lots of lumens).


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