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> > I feel Kay has breached that implicit code.
> >
> > The end.
> >
> > Art
> I haven't followed your thinking long enough or closely enough to
> understand
> how you came to this conclusion.  So I can't offer any judgment re what I
> think of your train of reasoning.

The short, medium of long answer?

The short answer is that pressure to overlook the obvious here the most
distinct of the telltale signs that something is amiss.

The medium answer is that when Kay addresses an auditorium full of educators
convened by Disney while on the payroll of Disney, and addresses the room
about the future of the education of our children he is doing either on
behalf of Disney or on behalf of our children.  Whichever one he is doing,
he is being unfair to the other.  And if he is asking us to believe there is
no potential conflict, he is being outrageous and insulting in the extreme.
Back to the short answer.

I will try to keep the long answer short.

Professional codes of conduct are never about actual conflict of interest.
They are always about avoiding the *appearance* of conflict of interest.
They are in place to protect the professional an well as the integrity of
the profession. They are the heart of those codes, together with the fact
that there is no contemplation of exceptions.  No IQ test to pass. No vows
of poverty to sign in blood.

Well Kay is no longer at Disney. Let bygones be bygones.

Well the fact that Croquet would immediately obsolete 87.2% (you can quote
me on this) of the hardware sitting in our classrooms today should it be
widely adopted would be easy to dismiss as the oversight of an impractical
dreamer, if the impractical dreamer were not employed my a hardware

Please. I don't seriously think that that is what is on Kay's mind, or part
of his agenda.

But it is totally unacceptable, on a professional level, nonetheless.

Back to the short answer.


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