[Edu-sig] Computer Languages via Immersion Experiences

ajsiegel at optonline.net ajsiegel at optonline.net
Mon Oct 25 18:52:50 CEST 2004

> > 
> > Two possibilities:
> > 
> > Points that could be made as self-evident ( might not in fact 
> need to be
> > made explicitly ) in other forums where I am more the fish in 
> water, than
> > out - seem somehow obscure here.
> > 
> > Too much mercury.
> > 
> > Art
> I guess I'll take option B

Gloves off. goody.

, as you don't bother to URL me to any more
> explicit answers.  I'm just supposed to accept your sage 
> judgments, based on
> a 25 year black box with your self-interested labeling of the 
> ingredients(which include mercury -- bad sign).

A URL to a professional code of ethics?  I wouldn't do that, even to you ;)

> You've made some serious allegations, one might even say attempts at
> character assassination vis-à-vis Kay.  But when pressed, you fall 
> back on
> elliptical remarks and wry wit.  

I've never met Kay and know nothing of his character.  I only know the choices he has made.  And if he was not asking to be taken very, very, very, very seriously as a voice of vision on matters of education and our children, I'd  probably just be getting a kick out of his suped up graphics stuff.

I would only be assassinating Kay's character if I accused him of actual conflict.  I am not.  The point is that this is a serious enough matter, and his claims of insight into these matters encompassing enough, that I should not be in a position where I have to give those kinds of matters a moment's thought.  *He* has chosen to put me in a position where, as an adult, I cannot reasonably do otherwise. I quite rightly and reasonably resent that.  

Overexposure to mercury must have the effect of making one's common sense grotesquely large.

Freakish common sense.  Something one learns to live with, evenutally.


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