[Edu-sig] Python for Fun

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Wed Sep 1 07:53:34 CEST 2004

> Thanks for pointing that out, Kirby.

Hey Dethe, sorry I missed you in Canada.  Thought I was going to be
presenting to local compsci teachers (high school level), then they went and
canceled the talk, cuz the teachers are being herded into Java.

I've been running your pygame-based slides and games.  Some minor problems
on Windows -- will check with gomoku.py with Linux later.  I'd played with
doing slides in Pygame for OSCON but wimped out with just a demo opener
slide (proof of concept) -- then went to OpenOffice.  I had my pygame graph
plotting demo queued up, but didn't have time for it, amidst other demos.

Anyway, great work on all those games.  The artistry ain't bad, especially
on goboard and quipu IMO.  Haven't checked any of your source code yet.
Wondered how you got /usr/dict to work in Windows.  On Solipong, the ball
jets right through my paddle -- I'm such a loser.


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