[Edu-sig] Computer Usage

Joel Kahn jj2kk4 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 26 12:11:16 CEST 2004

A rather belated reply, but my schedule will be like
that for the rest of the semester. :-(

Lloyd Hugh Allen wrote:
>It is very important to make friends with your 
>immediate superior at the Support Center 
>equivalent and with your principal so that 
>you can get the freedom to take one or two 
>machines aside and play with them. It is 
>extremely difficult to maintain stuff that you 
>don't have the freedom to experiment on.

I *do* have good relationships so far with both my
tech boss and my principal, and I plan to keep it that
way as much as possible. Between the general
instability of our aging network and the limitations
on my technical expertise, there is no way I'm putting
Knoppix into the CD-ROM drive of one of our school's
machines. The only way for me to get the permission to
do it would be for me to promise that nothing could
possibly go wrong, and then the next of our frequent
crashes would be blamed on me whether it was the fault
of Knoppix or not. No, any really experimental work
will have to be done on totally separate hardware,
owned by me, for a long while.

I do have an ancient Win95 desktop set up in a corner
of the computer lab; my wife and I brought it in from
home. Its OK for tinkering with some limited stuff,
but a laptop with even slightly better guts under the
hood would make many more things possible. If any of
you have a still-functional notebook machine that has
been completely superseded and that is now simply
lurking in a corner, let's talk.


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