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Sun Apr 10 21:03:19 CEST 2005

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> "Files aren't real" sounds like a philosophical statement.  You could say
> it's a metaphor.  In Linux, even devices get to be files.

It's a philosophical statement to the extent that we need to differentiate
(that word again) between what is as we find it, and what is because we made
it that way.  Nothing about the current state of computer interfaces or
organization is or was inevitable. It represents more a reflection of our
limitations, than our transcendence. 

What we can *find8 is much more capable than anything we can make, and there
is more than enough to do in finding what we can find to keep us busy well
past 5th grade.

But if there wasn't confusion on the point, explained at least in part by
a narcissism connected to "our" technological achievements - it wouldn't be


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