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Mon Apr 11 01:54:42 CEST 2005

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> > > The school I attended in Rome focused on eating utensils quite a bit -
> -
> > > British school, there's a right way to tilt your bowl when you eat
> soup.
> >
> > There is?
> >
> Yes:  tilt it *away* from you.

Can your pinky finger be just anywhere? Hope not.

> Definitely manners are used to enforce class.  If you haven't been to the
> "right schools" it shows immediately, when you pick up the wrong fork.
> The
> servants all notice and blab about it below decks ("did you see that
> *American*?").

There are those who may have been at the right schools, taking the
opportunity to do the wrong things. Fuller was a drop-out, I think. 

> I'm doing a Bucky:  Universe is technology, technology is Universe -- he
> made no distinction between human and non.  In one sense, we're entering
> an
> age of high tech.  In another sense, it's *always* been high tech.
> Poster:  picture of a nautilus shell.  Caption:  "High Tech:  It's not
> just
> where we're heading, it's where we're coming from."

I heard a recent quote from a leading AI expert and advocate noting that the
best we can do is a triviality compared to the brain of an ant. Personally,
I don't suspect we are going anywhere in particular. We're futzing, though
> > >
> > > Now that computers have entered the picture, I see them as ubiquitous,
> > > and important to start practicing on early.
> >
> > That's the standard line of thinking. I know it well. And reject it,
> hook
> > line and sinker.
> >
> And I accept it.  I see many (not all) classrooms with computers at each
> desk, and lessons taking place using keyboards and screens.  This goes for
> English, history, geography, languages, art, music, not just math, or
> science.

You are expressing CP4E and the extension to its approach as I have always
understood it. 

My position has been consistent.

So you will have to continue to bear with my attempts to sabotage your
vision as best as I can. Hopefully continuing with the (generally) good
nature you tend to demonstrate in the face of those attempts.


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