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> important to my own intellectual development that I learn to appreciate
> the
> Old Testament in the language in which it was written. And did try to
> bring
> technology to bear to help - feeling that if I could see the Hebrew word
> in
> different contexts, and how it was translated into English in different
> contexts, I could begin to grasp the shades of its meaning.  The search
> and
> concordance tools were easily available.

Though I did in my search come across one curious matrix code:

m     h
y  a  t 
1  r 
2  t
0  h

Not sure what it means ;)


> The approach offered no substantial help, to me. It was too disjointed a
> methodology. I made progress without technology - but the diversion into
> an
> approach that included the use of technology turned out to be only a
> diversion.
> When I turned to the study of mathematics, technology became the center
> around which I progressed.  Python was at the center of that technology.
> None of this is surprising.  At all.
> All I find surprising is to need to talk about it as if it were
> surprising.
> Art

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