[Edu-sig] Beyond CP4E

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Fri Apr 15 17:48:10 CEST 2005

> Are you in fact advocating this as a sensible, meaningful way to approach
> Shakespeare.  In any way. Under any circumstances. We should pick the work
> apart rather than take it in.

I think you over-romanticize.  Scholars use key words to index into works
all the time.  I don't know if 'rose' was a great example, but I can easily
imagine a teacher wanting to look at references to planets, gold, other key
words.  Who knows exactly why.

Your search term was found in the following:

# Timon of Athens - Act I. Scene I
cond lord he pours it out; plutus, the god of gold,is but his steward: no
meed, but he repay
# Timon of Athens - Act II. Scene I
waste? it cannot hold; it will not.if i want gold, steal but a beggar's
dog,and give it tim
# Timon of Athens - Act II. Scene II
. poor rogues, andusurers' men! bawds between gold and want!all servants
what are we
# Timon of Athens - Act IV. Scene II
erve his mind with my best will;whilst i have gold, i'll be his steward
# Timon of Athens - Act IV. Scene III
d by that below: the learned pateducks to the golden fool: all is
oblique;there's nothing le
# Timon of Athens - Act V. Scene I
the rumour holdfor true, that he's so full of gold?painter certain:
alcibiades repor

Sure I'll pick Shakespeare apart any day, with or without regular
expressions.  I'll even put his Collected Works on an operating table under
bright lights, and cut into it with a scalpel, just to hear the romantics

Does that mean I can't appreciate Shakespeare?  Do romantics own him?
> It says it all, in fact.
> Art

Maybe so, maybe so.


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