[Edu-sig] Beyond CP4E

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Fri Apr 15 20:10:22 CEST 2005

> Let me restate that.
> I find no dividing line between mathematics, science, engineering and the
> humanities.

And yet the respective communities, the experts in these fields, scarcely
talk to one another.  Each takes a huge amount for granted, and in polite
company, they don't mix.  They speak to their own.  This is part of what
we'd like to address, and technology has a role to play in building bridges.

Computers:  a product of engineering, connected to the world's libraries, a
tool for writers, mathematicians, graphic artists alike.  How many tools in
our culture cross so many lines?

I think you're in denial that something new has emerged, and that education
(however we want to define it) will never be the same as it was.

For me, the key questions all revolve around how to best take advantage of
computers, not on whether to use them or not use them.  We're going to use
them -- that's a premise I start from.  

You go fight with the nature of things.  I've got better things to do.


> Art

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