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Rodrigo Dias Arruda Senra rsenra at acm.org
Sat Apr 16 15:25:46 CEST 2005

 [ "Kirby Urner" <urnerk at qwest.net> ]
 | And yet the respective communities, the experts in these fields, scarcely
 | talk to one another.  Each takes a huge amount for granted, and in polite
 | company, they don't mix.  They speak to their own.  This is part of what
 | we'd like to address, and technology has a role to play in building bridges.

 | Computers:  a product of engineering, connected to the world's libraries, a
 | tool for writers, mathematicians, graphic artists alike.  How many tools in
 | our culture cross so many lines?

 | For me, the key questions all revolve around how to best take advantage of
 | computers, not on whether to use them or not use them.  We're going to use
 | them -- that's a premise I start from.  


 Some lurker support ;o)


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