[Edu-sig] Beyond CP4E

Rodrigo Dias Arruda Senra rsenra at acm.org
Sat Apr 16 17:01:54 CEST 2005

 [ Kirby ]
 | >  | For me, the key questions all revolve around how to best take advantage
 | > of
 | >  | computers, not on whether to use them or not use them.  We're going to
 | > use
 | >  | them -- that's a premise I start from.
 | > 

 [ me ]
 | >  "Indeed!"*3

 [ Arthur ]
 | We are all in agreement .. to the extent that part of the analysis,
 | experimentation process fully realizes that part of taking advantage of
 | computers is in putting them aside appropriately. That's the hardest part,
 | the part that takes the most discipline - especially for geeks, or so it
 | seems to me.

 One geek "Indeed!" for you too. ;o)

 [ Arthur ]
 | I think I do in fact get it - get it enough to believe that my
 | kicking and screaming in opposition/question to where this is taking us is
 | not a total waste of bandwidth. 

 Myself being a shy-geek and all that jazz I'd like to add that the exposure
 to computers have expanded my social network cross-country over the seas,
 it lead me to give speeches to large audiences (mostly about Python) and
 to become a part-time teacher. All of that goes contrary to my parents expectations
 regarding the time I spent with computers during my teenage years.

 Moreover, the OpenSource/FreeSoftware rescued some moral values semi-forgotten
 by corporations, governments and *perhaps* even the scientific community.

 So, I do not think that  "putting computers aside" should be a major concern from
 the social nor from the ecological POV. I'll make an exception for
 those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptons ;o)

 best regards,
 Rod Senra
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