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Chuck Allison chuck at freshsources.com
Mon Apr 18 00:57:14 CEST 2005

Hello Arthur,

Boy this is getting thick! Confident humility is quite attainable.

(Just ask me :-).

(Please forgive the top-post. And being new here, let me
self-introduce: I'm a college CS professor (with 20 years development
experience) trying to get Python in our curriculum (with some
success), a colleague of and co-author with Bruce Eckel, and attended
my first PyCon last month, at his invitation).

Perhaps we can switch for a moment to the task of trying to squeeze
Python into an already crowded curriculum to teach CS1. Any ideas
would be appreciated. My main obstacle is to get consensus from the
rest of the faculty (they don't know Python).

Best regards,
 Chuck Allison

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>> Confidence is easy, if you ignore enough of what's around you.
>> I have no confidence in anything I am saying. Or in PyGeo, for that
>> matter.
>> Too smart for that.

A> But in truth I have more confidence in what I am saying that what I hear
A> Kirby and many others saying, only because they sound to me too confident in
A> what they are saying.

A> And I am only confident that there is no sound basis for this kind of
A> confidence. 

A> But because since I am confident - at least this far -  we can be sure that
A> I am wrong, as well.

A> Non-linear dynamics in action.

A> Art

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