[Edu-sig] Re: Beyond CP4E

Chuck Allison chuck at freshsources.com
Wed Apr 20 19:08:25 CEST 2005

Kirby Urner wrote:

>Anyway, what I *don't* want to see is this list confining itself to issues
>of how Python is/should/could be used or not used within CS curricula.
>That's a very valid set of threads which should be included, but they’re not
>what circumscribing outer limit of relevance IMO.  I don't think the
>descriptions on the edu-sig page (which I wrote and maintain) may be
>construed to narrow us that much.
To clarify my original query, the course I was referring to was not 
actually in the CS curriculum per se; it is a service course (CS0) for 
our whole student body. It serves as an introduction to computers and 
computing, with the goal of introducing programming and algorithmic and 
logical thinking to some degree. It is not intended for CS majors. We 
expect and hope that the students' work in other areas will be enhanced 
by taking this course. Naturally, we also hope that some will decide to 
be CS majors :-).

I have enjoyed all the posts on this forum.

-- Chuck Allison

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