[Edu-sig] Python for CS101

Douglas S. Blank dblank at brynmawr.edu
Sat Apr 30 18:01:53 CEST 2005

Edu-sig members,

I am proposing that we move our intro courses at Bryn Mawr College to 
Python. Although I have been using Python for a few years, and have
used it in the upper-level courses for teaching robotics, I haven't
taught an intro course with it.

I am now responding to my colleagues' questions. If you have useful 
comments, or if you have questions too, please feel free to add them here:


or send them to me (or post them here). I hope when this process is 
complete, this data will be useful for others ready to make the plunge.

Thanks for any feedback,


PS - you'll have to make an account on the wiki; sorry but that cuts 
down on the kiddie hackers, and only makes it slightly less wiki (wiki 
wiki is "quick" in Hawaiian).

Douglas S. Blank,         Assistant Professor
dblank at brynmawr.edu,            (610)526-6501
Bryn Mawr College,   Computer Science Program
101 North Merion Ave,       Park Science Bld.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010  dangermouse.brynmawr.edu

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