[Edu-sig] Postmortem of my OSCON talk

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Mon Aug 8 14:15:45 CEST 2005

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> From: Kirby Urner [mailto:urnerk at qwest.net]

> Just look in the rear view mirror and ask if technology has been of net
> benefit along our shared highway to this point.  If yes, why shouldn't
> present trends continue?  If no, what fork in the road would you prefer
> we'd
> have taken?

Evolution is a trial and error process.  

Considering the nature of the curve that tracks our history on the planet,
and the development of the kind of technology which we are referring to,
there is nothing to be learned by a look in the rear view mirror.  

More important then being equipped with the ability to develop tools, is our
ability to use reason.  *That* is what evolution has provided us with as our
survival tool.

Talk of an inevitable tsunami in an admission that there is something afoot
that is beyond the control of our reason.

I am unready to make that admission.


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