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> This is close to what I meant.  I dislike properties that don't behave
> as if they were attributes.  

Not exactly sure what that means.

Seems there is a lot to this topic.  I get to the fact that there is a
Uniform Access Principle - with some authority behind it.

The Uniform Access Principle, as published in Bertrand Meyer's
Object-Oriented Software Construction, states that "All services offered by
a module should be available through a uniform notation, which does not
betray whether they are implemented through storage or through computation."
It is described further with "Although it may at first appear just to
address a notational issue, the Uniform Access principle is in fact a design
rule which influences many aspects of object-oriented design and the
supporting notation. It follows from the Continuity criterion; you may also
view it as a special case of Information Hiding."

I guess I am intuitively anti-Meyerist. 

And am hoping he is quite wrong in the assessment that "information hiding"
is a base requirement for information science. ;) 

Kirby seems comfortable in the Meyerist camp.

But I feel my anti-Meyerist sentiments are somehow bound to my pro-Python
sentiments.  So am having trouble with my Meyerist Python friend's stance.


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