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There is now a Fink package for vpython version 3.2.1.
If you have Fink installed on Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) and the unstable tree 
enabled, you can get it via:

  fink selfupdate
  fink install visual-py23

This will download and build vpython and all necessary prerequisites. It 
doesn't build a special version of gcc, apparently the ones that are in 
OSX 10.4.2 and Xcode-tools-2.1 are good enough (or at least I didn't 
come across the bugs they still may have).

There are actually 2 variants, visual-py23 and visual-py24. Which one 
you want to install depends mainly on the versions of the dependencies 
you perhaps already have installed: python, numarray, numeric. Both 
variants can be installed simultaneously, there are no conflicts, and 
the dependencies are chosen and built automatically.

The binary executables are called vpython2.3 and vpython2.4, respectively.

When fink asks you at the beginning of the build process to choose 
whether you want to install boost1.32-py23 or boost1.32-py24, you can 
choose either one if you have the corresponding version of Fink's python 
installed, they are identical. If you don't have Fink's python installed 
yet, choose the version that corresponds to the version of visual you 
are going to install, or otherwise you will end up building two versions 
of python. This is no problem, however, except for compilation time, 
both versions of python coexist peacefully (not both variants of 
boost1.32-pyXY, however).


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