[Edu-sig] Writing books/manuals containing code

Peter Bowyer peter at mapledesign.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 11:53:18 CEST 2005


I have just started writing a course manual to introduce students to 
programming.  There are going to be lots of code examples, and I was 
wondering: is there a way to insert the code into the document from 
external files, so I can test all the files and make sure the code 
works, even if I edit it?  In Microsoft Word I can embed a file as an 
object, but the file's contents does not show in the document.

My example programs are then broken down and I go through it 
line-by-line.  Again, is there any way to insert these single lines 
of code without copying and pasting from the main block?

I'm using Microsoft Word 2000, which is also making referencing code 
hard.  I am open to suggestions of other programs, alhtough I'd 
prefer not to have to learn and write Docbook/LaTeX by hand.

Finally, is there a way to syntax highlight python code before 
putting it into MS Word?


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