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Shugarman, Arnold shugarma at chapman.edu
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Chapman University is conducting a summer workshop, "Teaching
Introductory Computer Science: The Python Way" for computer science
teachers who want an alternative to either purely commercial languages,
such as Java or C++, or purely educational languages, such as Scheme,
for introductory computer science courses.


The instructor, Professor Atanas Radenski has successfully used Python
in the first semester introductory computer science course and Java in
the second semester at Chapman University with increased student
interest and comprehension of programming principles.


Professor Radenski has developed comprehensive online study packs to
support his courses. The online study packs substantially reduce the
instructor's work load in two ways. First, the online study packs offer
a variety of detailed self-guided labs that most students can do by
themselves, without any, or with very little, help from the instructor.
Second, the online study packs support a self-evaluation honor system
based on online quizzes and lab reports which considerably reduces the
amount of tedious grading.


The program is designed for high school computer science instructors.
College and university faculty will also benefit from learning about
this dual language approach to teaching introductory computer science.


Prior knowledge of the Python language is not required.


The workshop consists of a three-day program on the Chapman campus,
August 10 - 12, 2005, and an on-line program of web study-packs that can
be completed any time between August 13 - December 15, 2005.  The
on-line portion of the workshop will require about 20 to 30 hours to


Please see

for complete details on the Python workshop and an on-line registration
form.  Or contact Arnold Shugarman (Shugarman at chapman.edu ) for more


Arnold Shugarman


Arnold L. Shugarman, Ph.D.

Administrator, Integrated Circuit & Embedded System Design

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Beckman 403

Chapman University

One University Drive

Orange, CA  92866


714-628-7340 (fax)

714-206-6136 (cell)

shugarman at chapman.edu


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