[Edu-sig] Lined up for EuroPython

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Fri Jun 24 21:23:39 CEST 2005

So I'm basically on the runway, waiting to take off -- not really, that's
tomorrow morning.  The Powerpoint/PDF slides and background essay have been
preloaded, as instructed.

If you check the slides, you'll notice a "Python plays well with others"
discussion, with mention of PIL, wxPython, POV-Ray, VPython, PyGame and
others, but with no mention of entirely free-standing packages with Python

PyGeo (a stage for spatial geometry) is sort of like that, as Arthur talks
of an interpreted setting, and more forgiving syntax i.e. several
formulations of the same command would be acceptable (but the examples
weren't specifically Pythonic as I recall).  And Cinderella 2, which I've
been evaluating a little in beta, for its Jythonic hooks to the GUI stage (a
stage for plane geometry, with refreshing dynamic aspects).

Anyway, I don't get into the many bindings (Blender is another great
example), even Zope and the Chandler stuff, mainly in the interests of
keeping to within my allotted time.  My focus is really the mathematics, and
the curriculum I'm promulgating, in conjunction with on-the-road field
testing, and by a process of multiple collaborations.


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