[Edu-sig] Hypertoon better if your machine has oomph

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Thu Mar 17 21:25:32 CET 2005

> I just scheduled myself to talk for 30 mins re this Hypertoon app at
> Pycon. Probably the Presario is what I'll use.  It dual boots to Linux -- 
> maybe it'll run faster there (faint/fading hope)?
> Kirby

Actually, the deeper problem with the Presario is it's been overheating and
spontaneously shutting down, sometimes after only a few minutes of use.
Given I'm to lead a 3 hour Python training for ESRI the day after I get back
from Pycon, I really needed a more reliable laptop.

Solution:  just ordered a "remanufactured" Toshiba A60 (2.8 Ghz 256 DDR) for
about $770, plus 2nd day shipping.  I hope this proves a viable solution.
It's not like my ESRI gig will pay enough compensate.  And I think they're
expecting more win32all type examples, so I'm going to have to track down
that Mark Hammond book (ISBN 1565926218)and cram (I not a big COM/MFC user,
that I can tell you).

So, whaddya think Arthur:  should we be sharing Fuller's concentric
hierarchy with grade schoolers?  

See you (and who else on edu-sig?) at Pycon.


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