[Edu-sig] Hypertoons! (version differences)

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Sun Mar 20 06:02:46 CET 2005

As might be expected, my hypertoon has generated some interest on Synergeo,
one of the eGroups frequented by Fuller Schoolers.

One user found something interesting, and to me surprising.  Some of the
smooth motion "jitterbugging" I incorporate, where rods smoothly change
position (the whole rod does, versus the progressive elongation of
individual rod tips -- another kind of animation I employ) ONLY seems to
work well in Python 2.4 with the experimental VPython 2.4.

There's a thread on this:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/synergeo/message/21263 (is one part of it).

He's responding to my:

I thought it was a problem with frame rate and his Celeron 2.2, or video
card.  But it turns out that as soon as he changed to the experimental
VPython, everything worked as I'd described.  Certain kinds of motion that
hadn't been apparent before, now were.


I haven't done the necessary experiments on my end to verify this is the
problem.  I've got everything to my satisfaction on the newest VPython on my
faster computer, and tried Python 2.3 + VPython on the slower laptop.  But I
never tried Python 2.4 + Experimental on the laptop.


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