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Sun Mar 20 18:33:32 CET 2005

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From: Kirby Urner <urnerk at qwest.net>
Date: Sunday, March 20, 2005 11:19 am
Subject: RE: [Edu-sig] RE: Concentric hierarchy / hypertoon (was pygame etc.)

> Arthur:
> > The tragedy I see is that it is in fact the technologists - 
> specifically> those immersed in IT - who are emerging as the most 
> formidable obstacle to
> > progress, as I would define it.
> More polemics it'd be interesting to use for new threads.  But 
> maybe not on
> edu-sig.

The problem though, in my view, is that it is on fourms like
edu-sig ( and debian edu list) that the exploration of these kinds
of "polemics" are both most relevant and least welcome.

Which says something in-and-of-itself.

The Free Software movement being a particular kind of "threat", in that 
the tendency to provoke overconsumption is only enhanced by 
an offering that is free. 

Though - (god I hope I got this right) - the folks leading the debian
education distribution effort did somewhat belatedly reveal that they
are working from a business model based on support of the
distribution in school systems.
> More some other time I hope.

Starting now ;)


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