[Edu-sig] Scandroid 1.0

ajsiegel at optonline.net ajsiegel at optonline.net
Tue Mar 29 20:20:46 CEST 2005

>From Charles O. Hartman, Professor of English and Poet in Residence at
Conneticut College:


The Scandroid is a program that scans iambic pentameters. You can load 
the text file of a poem, or type lines in by hand. As you "Step" through the process, the program explains what it's doing: identifying syllables and 
lexical stresses, dividing the line into feet and so on. This makes it a 
self-teaching tool. At the same time, it's suitable for some kinds of 
research on metrics. Though it uses the traditional foot-based 
scansion, some of its techniques and principles of construction 
derive from recent decades' work in generative phonology. 
There's a Manual that describes both how the program works 
and why it works that way.

Sounds like its doing something hard.

Written in Python.  Haven't tried it yet, but it sure 
looks interested - maybe most particluarly for some subset of 
those not buying my geometry based polemics.


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