[Edu-sig] RE: Integration correction

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Wed Mar 30 14:59:45 CEST 2005

> From: Arthur [mailto:ajsiegel at optonline.net]
> > From: Lloyd Hugh Allen [mailto:chandrakirti at gmail.com]
> > To: Arthur
> > Subject: Re: RE: [Edu-sig] RE: Integration correction
> >
> > I thought that there already were little black box libraries all over
> > the place. Just that most of them were in C etc.
> Yes, but...
> There was a bottom.  The bottom has dropped out.
> Is the best I can express it.

And I did say for *better* and for worse, and do recognize this is largely
an issue of sensibility, in respect to change.

And there are competing interests in the community, not all of which can be
consistently and equally satisfied.

Probably decorators will in the end give Python more industrial strength. It
happens that was never my interest in Python. So I consider myself a loser
here. But I see no reason not to try to be a good enough sport about it. 

And - believe it or not - this is about the best I can do.


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