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Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Wed Mar 30 21:12:58 CEST 2005

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> From: David Handy [mailto:david at handysoftware.com]
> I'll try and answer that one.

I won't repeat your post, since it is long - but will say that I understand
its sentiments and largely agree with them.

Those of us clever enough to have gotten on the bandwagon from 1.5.2 or
before have been treated to an exciting and stimulating ride.  

And I am grateful for it, and do try to express that from time to time.

Whether anyone joining the party at 2.4 will be enjoying a similar kind of
ride remains to be seen.  

And the extent to which the price of admission has gone up some since 1.5.2
is - I guess - another matter of conjecture/opinion.

Will the mechanics of decorators seem at some point trivial to me. I suspect
so. Will I be better off having gotten there than I would if I never had
needed to jump the hurdle.  No question.

But - on the other side - among the frustrations/concerns is the fact that I
may feel I really have little guidance to contribute to anyone starting out
in Python2.4. It being a very different place to start from then the place
where I had started.

The fact, for example, that old style classes co-exist with new is just one
of many mysteries that confront the initiate at this point.

Its like talking about "dialing"  a telephone number. I have to wonder what
someone my son's age must think about why such a silly phrase might have
taken hold.   


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