[Edu-sig] Low Enrollments - programming as anit-intellectualism.

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Thu Nov 3 00:18:35 CET 2005

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I believe I've been to that bookstore. It's practically across the
> street from Yale, right? I was there in 1998. I remember browsing for
> a long time in Liberal Arts areas (mostly literature). The owner
> obviously didn't cater to CS subjects very well - there was nothing to
> look at of worth. Has no correlation to CS departments whatsoever.

Not to belabor, but...

This place was huge, with lots of breath and depth - including in math and

*Only* the computer area seemed brain dead. It may be clear to you why a
subject area close to your heart merited this special treatment, but it is
not to me.

BTW, a nice section on education - which I in fact browsed for the book that
you had recently mentioned here (I do listen as well as talk), but could not
find.  Though I was pleased to find that there is a growing body of work
making note of the effects of the growing influence (corruption) of
educational institutions (and, through it, science itself) resulting from
the dynamics Kirby finds it annoying I tend to notice, publicly, here. 

Maybe feeling as much the unrepentant capitalist that I do, it is easier for
me to focus on this issue to the exclusion of other issues related to a
fiercely market driven economy.  Others, IOW, might focus their energies
toward a broader critique. I am content to keep mine focused where I think
the real issue is.  And it is nice that a visit to the bookstore can confirm
that there is growing company with this focus, and this view.




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