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> I've taken a cursory look at KPL.  It appear very similar to Basic,
> but exposing the .Net libraries.  I guess now that VisualBasic has
> become another syntax for C#, they needed a new Basic for scripting.
> It has top-level functions for playing sounds, getting screen
> information, handling sprites, math, pen (shapes and color).  Kind of
> like combining a subset of DrawBot and PyGame, but backed by .Net
> instead of the Standard Library.

I would also mention effbots recently released wrapper to the AGG library:


pen, brushes, colors, lines and a host of other 2d primitives --)
extremely high-end rendering accessed in a lightweight environment - say
IDLE - without the burden of type declarations (which have to hurdle to

It simply better for the job - if that still counts for anything.

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