[Edu-sig] OT: googling "logo"

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Tue Oct 4 16:19:05 CEST 2005

Kids Programming Language comes up.

And I did recently find out that my "ideal" of the elementary school teacher
(in my own experience) - Mr. B. - did eventually incorporate Logo into his

So I just googled "Logo".

The first hit is the homepage of Sourceforge (which I find encouraging), but
the 4th hit the homepage of Mircosoft (which I find confusing).

Turns out "edit -> Find on this page" for either has no hits for "logo".

I have to assume that Google is getting the hits from the html source -
though I can't find a "logo" on the current Sourceforge homepage source. 

I guess I never thought about the possibility that Google gets fooled by
reference in html source that is not at all relevant to the actual public
page and the basis on which it is visited.

If true, isn't that subject to all kinds of abuse?

The other "hits" are a collection of the most visited sights on the web,
e.g. ebay. Presumably they all have logos and a reference in their html
source to a logo.

But is Sourceforge more visited than Microsoft and Ebay?

Googling "Logo Software" helps a bit, but since many of the most visited
sites have something to do with software and have logos, not a very sensible
selection comes back.

Its pretty rare - in my experience - to find a circumstance in which Google
seems quite broken.  

I guess there are always corner cases.



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