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Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Thu Oct 6 15:26:29 CEST 2005

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> And it doesn't  appear to be open source, either. (No source code
> available, and I  couldn't  find any explicit license, other than a
> statement that it was "freeware".

Nor - of course - is it cross platform.

I agree that is a relevant concern - but articulating why is somewhat
difficult.  I have little such concerns related to software for business use
- for example.  Nor am I unconcerned about the Open Source community's
tendency to be uncritical of efforts to distribute "educational software" -
based on little more than the merit of being cross platform and Open Source.

The best I can do is trying to make the analogy of the reaction to a release
of a scientific or academic paper that withheld citations and bibliography -
as confidential.  But of course -having them there does not make it a sound
scientific or academic paper.

I - like many others- welcome much of the disruption of the disruptive
technologies. On the other hand - disruption is disruption. And part of what
can and does get disrupted are sound common sense notions.

A company like Microsoft would be ashamed - based on more traditional
notions - of publicly promoting a position that the realization of the
potential of our children is part of their mission. The reality is they
spend enormous dollars promoting just such a position - with little general

If there was truth to such an assertion they should (and would) be satisfied
to let uninterested others find it, and promote it.

Quite possibly this concern/phobia/paranoia of mine is a tempest in a
teapot. A stage of be disruption will pass, and thinking around such issues
of children's education and the profit motive's of $multibillion business
enterprises will return to where common sense concerns regain their footing.

But I still see the jury as out.  So a few paragraphs sent into cyberspace
still seems worth the effort.


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